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released November 12, 2010

(Ludwig / Indigo)

Vinyl released 13 May 2011
(Welcome Home Music / Rough Trade)

written by Gregor McEwan (Freibank Music Publishing)

produced by Gregor McEwan & Dinesh Ketelsen
recorded & mixed by Dinesh Ketelsen at Room01, Hamburg between june 2009 and april 2010
mastered by Chris von Rautenkranz at Soundgarden, Hamburg

illustrations & layout:

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GREGOR McEWAN Berlin, Germany


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The world turns and turns and turns
Cause it wants you to return
And where you are there I belong
This house is not my home

And I am a guy
I cheat and I lie
And I cry
Track Name: THE BANKS
We sat on the banks
And it was seven years ago
Singing all the songs the others don't know

If we're still in a band
In round bout seven years from now
I can hardly say if it was my fault

Cause time is changing everything
Where once was heart there now is only head in

And all the childish games we've played
Lost somewhere in between
The years, the lines, the banks, the times and conscience

So if we'd get the chance
Of going back to 98
I hope that you would do the same as I would

We sit on the banks
Remembering all those good old times
Singing all the songs the others don't mind

We're still in a band
And there's no chapter to rewind
I can truly say that it felt
No, I can truly say that it feels
Well, I can truly say it will feel so right
Another DVD
Another plastic dream
The shopping bags are packed
With things you wanna have

You are born alone
And you will die alone
Drinking on our own
Together alone

And it's not too late
To get off this parade
If you've had enough
Of a simulated love

So empty cans
And lonely hearts
Is what you can't
Tear apart

In the summertime
When the winter hides
Then the rain sets in
And it's almost spring
Bloomy cherry trees
And the falling leaves
Are my four-four time
... Beat!
Track Name: VS.
They all shine but we just gleam
They all sleep but we just dream
They all know but we just think
And they all go while we still drink

And only love can ease the pain
And lonely hearts will take the train
And only time can make it right
Is it no crime to steal my pride?

They all own what we just steal
They all love but we just feel
They all swim but we just drown
The world turns round, the sun goes down
From Brunswick to Munich
From Nuremberg to Luxembourg
From Belgium to Berlin
From Cologne to your home

I slept on too many floors
But my favourite was yours
A place to rest my head
And I spent so many nights
Thinking how to get things right
But there's nothing I regret

And who says that I have to choose to do a safe job for life?

I knocked on too many doors
But most of them were closed
Lest they and I forget
And I spent so many days
Thinking how to get bills paid
With a capo on the 7th fret

And who says that I have to choose between knowledge and life?
When all I want is time
To live and learn and die
Maybe I know that it's not all over yet
For far too long we've been all over it
You call it home what you want to forget
I pick up the phone and dial the prefix you had

“The number you have dialed
Is no longer in service
Check the number, dial again
Or consult directory enquiries“

I need you here, it's so cold waking up
Without you near me and my empty cup
Let's make it clear that it's just a big fuck-up
And to be sincere, I wonder if you miss me much

“Hey Darling there you are
I miss you so and can't let go
Got years to wait around and so
I kissed you many moons ago“

Waiting is easy
Now that I know you won't leave me
Need a plane and then I'm on my way
I got the feeling
That the clouds and the ceiling
Are not really so far away
When will you figure it out
That you're not always right, little darling?
When will the gathering clouds
Get off and lost behind the horizon?
I do remember the day
When I hit the car and broke my incisors
The goalie wouldn't be gay
If he got common sense and a few good advisors

Learning and learning
But never returning
I should have known from the start

When will you figure it out
That doing rap shit is like taking candy from a baby?
And you will be announced
As: "Attention please! Please stand up for Fat Shady"
I do remember the night
When I jumped with me bedroll and hit a steel girder
I always knew that fine wine
Is the reason behind the most and worst murder

It's good to know that I don't got a home
Cause change is happening when I'm almost gone
Track Name: A PART OF YOU
Keep a part of me in your hands when you go
Keep apart of me where I stand all alone

And don't mind all I can't find here
With time on our side we will get through these years

And don't leave a part of you in my hands when you go
I will sleep apart of you cause it ends up all alone

It's almost September
And I still remember
The day that we met
The time that we had
The kiss at the crossroad
That made my heart explode
The scent of that spring
That changed everything
Fishing on the lake
And by the fireplace
I just lay down my double date cause
You got ace king of clubs

I can't live without
This old wooden house
I need a beer to touch the right chord
From these original source

Caught a northern pike
In the northern light
Want to catch a bass at the wonderful dusk
Serve it with dijon mustard

Having no TV
Drinking Burgundy
Oh how I wish this trip would forever last
Just as the wine in my glass

And the day has come
The day to come back home
And we fall asleep in the back of the car
A and B are poles apart

With a ferry to the south
To our one-family house
You just lay down your double date cause
I got ace king of hearts
Track Name: 10 SECONDS
I claim that I got a hundred million songs
But everything I say is neither false nor wrong
If I would live forever what would I be living for?
Let's fall asleep together and sleep forevermore

I sleep 10 hours a night but I'm still tired

And I claim that I got so much to do
But everything I say is neither false nor true
If I would die today what did I live for?
There'll be time left to pray when I'm grey and old

I pray 10 minutes a year but I'm still here

And I claim that I got so many friends
But who is false and who is true that matters and depends
If I would need you by my side now how long would it take
Will it take 10 seconds, a year or a decade?

Before you count from 1 to 10 this song will end
You look at the street
Covert and discreet
You are dead certain
Behind your crochet curtain
Different people pass by
Of different spirit and style
But got one thing in common:

They all don't know you
Because you don't want to
Well, there's so much more
Behind the door
You're on first-name basis
With your grimaces
And your reflexion says:

The shop round the corner
Has got a new owner
There's a new roundabout
Next to Ellipses Road
The Pigeon Breeders Club
Has got a new srcub
And the catholic nun
Has born a black bastard son
Have you heard of the boy
Who became unemployed?
He got 6 out of 6
But then he lost his receipt
And a friend of a friend
Of a friend of a friend
Is the friend of a friend
Of the new president
But I am a nothing
The waves of this heavy choppy sea
Wash up mussels to a collecting old lady
And they crash and make me almost fall asleep
So never mind that trick with counting sheep

The sun is set
And paints the sky in red
Canola fields
Shine like yellow saffron threads
The sky is blue, as blue as you
But my life's just black and white
But I don't mind
I don't mind