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released January 24, 2014

(Welcome Home Music / Rough Trade)

written by Gregor McEwan
(Freibank Music Publishing / Heimathafen Medien)

produced by Gregor McEwan & Dinesh Ketelsen
recorded & mixed by Dinesh Ketelsen at Room01, Hamburg
mastered by Kai Blankenberg at Skyline, Dusseldorf
Artwork Design by FrauFlunger/HerrSchilling
Logo Design by OlgaUwaga
Photography by Lea Karow
except "Oh Daddy", "Rhododendron" & "Everything To Me" photography by Gregor McEwan

supported by the Initiative Musik Non-profit Project Company Ltd. with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag.

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GREGOR McEWAN Berlin, Germany


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Track Name: FIRST LEG
Like a child in the woods I’m lost and stray
I was crossed in love until you crossed my way
Like a bird in a cage confined and placed
Won’t sing my song, can not escape
Like a fish in a bowl I’m swimming around
Won’t find my way can’t hear a sound

And I can’t let go of your love and your hand
This breakup came too sudden and it hurts too bad
To see you or to hear your voice
And all I really want and all I need now
Are your postcards and your polaroids

Damn! it hurts like hell but it’s oh so well
I’m feeling like a sad lil’ clown
Gonna put my life into that suitcase
Cause the circus is back in town

And it’s true
Yes it’s true
I can’t and won’t stop loving you

You said you’ve changed but how to stay the same
Well you were seventeen
This was way too long so I belong
To you and you bel ong to me

Now listen: I don’t mind this test of time
As long as you don’t go
Be my natural force, my source and course
Cause the right time is always now
You get what you give
You learn what you live
You find what you miss
Not alone
What’s wrong and what’s right
Where it’s dark there is light
When there’s a storm outside
Be at home

When you’re lost between the bars
I’m sure it’s leaving scars
When loyalty is fun
Then she’s the right one
When the only thing that stands
Between you and her is and
And when you know where to go
When there’s nowhere to go

Got a minor key and an open chord
Need a major key for the open road
If you’re leaving me well I don’t care
Cause you stole my heart, I stole your underwear
Track Name: JOANNA
Oh Joanna
Well I might get her
But it’s not quite clever
To love just flowers in her hair
Hope there’s more about us
Than these cute flowers
And I don’t know what
Makes me feel this way

Cause it all comes back to me
The book’s not older than the tree
And on the first day of the week
Let’s find a wedding gown boutique

Oh Joanna
Well I might get her
But it’s not quite clever
To love just flowers in her hair
Hope there’s more about us
Than these cute flowers
And I don’t know what
To say when you’ll be there

Cause it all comes back to you
Longer lasting than your tattoo
And on the first day of the year
You’re my new year’s souvenir

Oh Joanna
Well I might get her
But it’s not quite clever
To love just flowers in her hair
Hope there’s more about us
Than these cute flowers
And I don’t know what
It is that we both share

Cause it all comes back to us
From present tense to simple past
And on the first day of your life
You were born to be by my side
You are so damn cute
While I’m so rude
Coffee or tea? I beg your pardon!

You’re in your golden age
While I’m in a haze
You opened the door that leads to the garden

But I hold a record for being upset, yes
I’m really quite a mess, yes
I want to kiss and to caress, yes
I’m gonna get myself to bed, yes

Cause your eyes sparkle like silver and gold
In my apartment it’s so pretty but cold
When summer dies the same way every fall
And I’ll always be there looking out for you
Give love and take care, yeah that’s what I’ll do

I know you like these chords
So please pretend they’re yours
There’s always you when I am strumming

And when I’m on tour
You make me feel secure
We already are what we're becoming
There are voices in my head
Of all those Heavy Metal Bands
How hard it is to have a heart
I’m making fun of everyone
Make fun of me just when I’m gone
And I will make an early start

And don’t take it too serious
You are so mysterious
Like the U.S. series
And I don’t belong here
I just belong near
Where things are so clear

Call ahead when you’re too late
Smile at anyone you hate
And think of what you want to say
Just say what you really mean
Don’t sit too close to the screen
And call your girlfriend every day

And all the people at the bar
Say I can barely play guitar
How hard it is to have a heart
I’m making fun of everyone
Make fun of me just when I’m gone
And I will make an early start

So get your own things straight
Break a crumb and bake a cake
And try to find the things you miss
Talk to her and not to me
Build a house and plant a tree
And try to write a song like this
I was born in 1982
Grew up on a quiet avenue
Climbing in a rhododendron tree
Hiding there and spitting dried peas

Been trying to score with a sideways scissor kick
And broke my collar bone while trying it
Had a bunk bed and me brother used to snore
His throat’s been truly easier to score

Here’s to the people
And here’s to the memories
Here’s to the young and the brave
Here’s to the places
And here’s to the families
Here’s to my home where I’m safe

The farmers threw a so-called »nutball fest«
I was drunk and so were all the rest
Picking up me daddy from the ditch
All we had was booze and suckling pig

By the time we’d been re-tiling our roof
They said my arms they looked like inner tubes
And ever since I picked up my guitar
I know what I am and what they are

Here’s to the people
And here’s to the memories
Here’s to the wild and the free
Here’s to my fellows
And here’s to my enemies
Here’s to my home and to me
I wish I was your knickers
To be closer to your skin
I wish I was your scarf
So that I'm underneath your chin
I wish I was your pair of jeans
Just to twine around your hips
And if I was your lipstick
I could gently touch your lips

I wish I was your brolly
And keep your head quite dry
I wish I was your lolly
Well I know that you know why
If you ever need a pacemaker
I'd be closest to your heart
And if I was a director
I could lead you to another part

Well I know it's almost over
And yeah I swear I'm sober
Let's make some love, my luv

I love you and you hate me
Why don't we make a baby?
Who's a bit like you and a bit like me
So we can see how easy it could be

Let's go where it starts
And feel the beating of our hearts
What youth is used to, age remembers
I'd like to be a child again
Cause manners make the man
To be young at heart feels head and shoulders better
Get lost in your world
Travelling along your bones
To the sound of sighs and moans
Knocking at your back door
Open up wide
Let me inside

Get into your head
And I eat you like a vulture
Can’t hold it any longer
Call before you come
Your words are moving me
I want you on my team

Get in
Maybe I can’t sing
Maybe I can’t breathe
Since you mean everything to me

Maybe I can’t think
Maybe I can’t sleep
Since you mean everything to me

And now you’re so high
And I’m so low
Can you hear me call from the bottom of the sea?
While I cry
You are so cold
I’d never thought you’d be

Guess I’ve picked the wrong path in life
To find someone to stay by my side
»Be a man« I was constantly told
Since I was ten years old
So go and try to do what they did
But don’t leave me here frustrated

Help me
Help me
Find myself like how I found you
Track Name: OH DADDY
Oh Daddy
If you could ever stand up
Oh Daddy
I guess I’ll tell you what
Oh Daddy
It’s been a long way to go
But that’s not a reason to slow down

This is mum, this is you, but you’re someone else
So please don’t feel so sorry for yourself

Oh Daddy
Do you remember the years
Oh Daddy
When we drank those malt beers?
Oh Daddy
Someday you’ll find your feet
Flip the tape and press repeat

In the streets, by the sea and on the beach
This is where the purest hearts will meet

And when the chips are down
I’ll lead you to town
Hand in hand along
A life already known
You know I love you so
But the life I know
Is not on television or
Behind an open door
The waves of this heavy choppy sea
Wash up mussels to a collecting old lady
And they crash and make me almost fall asleep
So never mind that trick with counting sheep

The sun is set
And paints the sky in red
Canola fields
Shine like yellow saffron threads
The sky is blue, as blue as you
But my life’s just black and white
But I don’t mind
I don’t mind

The gulls that are floating on the wind
They don’t even have to beat their wings
Can’t remember I’ve ever felt this good before
So take my hand, let’s stroll along the shore

And you are the water
In every harbour
You’re my guiding light
In the darkest night
You are the wind
That touches my skin
You’re my ray of sun
That makes me feel warm

You are a tree
And produce the air I breathe
You are the ground
On the highest mount
You are a rose
Wit hout pricking thorns
You’re the yesterday after tomorrow