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Four Seasons


I Got U 03:00
It took you so long To get on the phone So where have you gone Or am I just wrong? I’m so jealous Won’t bite your head off Cause it’s me who lost his head And every evening I’m disbelieving You’re still lying in my bed But I got u I got u And your charms And your glance And your gorgeous countenance And your force And your thoughts And your light blue eyes, of course And your touch And your butt And your bloody football club And your hair And your flair And the way that you take care of me
Fwd: Spring 04:33
Live life forwards Understand it backwards In whichever way you want I’m getting older As winter’s over It all keeps moving on And we can’t take back What is done and past Right here’s where I belong And the course I took Was like an alpine brook That always leads me home Our time is running out So fast and won’t slow down The sun is coming out Bursting through the clouds So sing it loud... Forward, spring! Don’t fall back Clocks been set Time ahead Forward march! Springtime comes With marching drums
₲ΛLΛX¥ 02:52
Kaleidoscope love And I dance with the stars Hold the moon in my arms And the sun and the world You’re long gone, astrogirl I’ll forever be your galaxy I’ll forever be... And you fall from the sky Set a light to my eye And explore saturn’s rings To find more branes and strings
Six strings, two hands and just one head A bridge, two knobs and one pick guard Two pins, a jack and 20 frets A neck, a nut and two pickups Five chords, a stage for 30 days A voice, a show, a studio 12 words, a verse, some spring reverb Four lines, eight rhymes, a million times This is all I’ve got And everything I have I give you all I got And everything I have If there’s a song to sing I’ll give it everything I got and have If there’s a fire alarm I’ll grab my guitar and run Well, first I will double check that My girl and my dog are safe
Birds sing in the trees Kids play in the streets Let’s go to the beach Where the water is deep I can feel the heat Let’s just taste and eat What’s bitter and sweet Like your skin and your cheeks Oh summertime come To the beat of your drum In the heat of the sun There’s no need to run You still shine so strong Oh my gosh what went wrong Saint Peter come on Where have you gone? It’s hopeless so I hope less On a road that’s roadless Receivers receive us Some are gone summerlong When fall comes along And winter is done Then spring is long gone Summer has sprung
Waiting here patiently Summer breeze, summer breeze At the news agency Oh summer breeze There is real urgency Summer breeze, summer breeze I am your addressee My summer breeze Oh I need you so I won’t let you go Just stop playing hide and seek Now I miss you so So where did you go? I’m begging you to come back please My summer My summer breeze C-c-come on sun Sh-sh-sh-shine on L-l-l-lately it’s too late C-c-come on sun Sh-sh-sh-shine on B-b-b-baby, here I wait
Summer hits back, it’s one hundred degrees Time flies by fast, like the birds and the bees My t-shirt’s so sweaty, you better call it sweater I featured Tom Petty in a love letter Here comes my girl, too good to be true Don’t do me like that, I’m depending on you You can’t stand constant waiting for something Springtime has gone and summer is coming And the sunlight comforts my limbs I’ve been too tired to tighten strings And I buy reach while you buy things Gold accounts and silver linings You’ve prepped my toothbrush since I ran into you When I drank too much you did it, too My head is spinning, don’t bother me! Girl, you’re like winning the lottery When it really matters I always lose Defeated and shattered like my royal blues I can’t stand constant defeat in big games Springtime has gone and summer remains
Your photograph’s in my shirt pocket So you’re closest to my heart Here’s how to unlock it: Save me from what I want Everything I ever wanted Is on the other side of here Every place I ever stopped at Will always reappear And every place I’ve been And every state I’m in And every song I sing this summer It just makes me feel Spin like a giant wheel Made of carbon steel Discover my world Dot the i’s and cross the t’s Till there’s an i in team Cross the river, sail the sea Or something in between Every nowhere is somewhere Someday somehow We’ve already gone there But how soon is now? Whenever, whoever, wherever, et cetera
Candles burn and brighten up this evening You’re like a rushing wind, oh darling please breathe in History is all that I believe in As every season changes the seasoning I have had my fill of beet and pumpkin soup Highlighted a rimshot of this drumming loop My life’s not really thrilling that’s what I assume Since I wear this villain halloween costume Soon... there will be love There will be us They will be loved It’s morn’ and all the candles burned out long before You’re all I have been searching and been longing for Sing along with every song they call folklore As long as you don’t clap your hands to call for an encore Somewhere in my mind I met that certain girl It took a bit of time so let’s get personal You get the pitch right and I sing out of tune Just open melodyne or even autotune The music biz which is so darn deceitful Will soon be loved The songs I sing I’ve stolen from The Beatles Will soon be loved Jar Jar Binks, the Gungans and the prequels Will soon be loved Even Free Jazz and hurt people who hurt people Will soon be loved
Autumn Falls 03:27
Dropping a line Just make it rhyme Making up lies I can’t memorize Getting it wrong Another damn song Paying my dues No money to lose Just like a fork in a world of spoons I take a walk on this big balloon Seasons just pass To see them flash past As autumn falls And leaves fields of gold I see how time just flies by As autumn leaves And rain falls in sheets I’ll be right by your side Dropping a brick Gimme a kick Bored to death Couldn’t care less Getting it done That other damn song Paying my way In cultural decay
Ode To Oh 03:32
How I used to hike along the shore Take me back to where I was before Singing oh... I’m afraid of the chances I won’t take On a scale of 1 to 10 it’s 9.8 Singing oh... There might be light All through the night I might get used to it sometime I might get up Oh my god I made up stories to make up my mind And fall for it when my mind is right Singing oh... I am tired of the mails that I receive My entire love belongs to you, oh my delete Singing oh...
Forever Ago 03:28
I might just pick you up If you could break my heart Come on and make me see Your favourite melody Melt all weapons, build guitars Danger threatens, just make love Change the course and change the chords Wherever you go Whatever you want I’ll be there Whenever or so Forever ago Here and everywhere And so it all begins again Push me every now and then Autumn falls as winter calls I might just pick you up And take you back to the start
No fireworks No kids get hurt No whining cats and dogs No fire runs No worried mums No stupid fisticuffs No filth and trash No cars that crash No air and noise pollution No house in flames No money waste No new year’s resolutions Let’s have a five-course meal instead And then collapse into bed Let’s have a bottle of champagne Gingerbread and candy cane Let’s have our friends around When there are stars and waves to count Let’s make it history Just like James and Miss Sophie Let’s have a good night’s rest And then coffee and scrambled eggs Let’s hope this year’s long gone In memory of things to come
I hope you understand I do not want to dance Well this ain’t no excuse I just do dancing moves All I have is sweets and sadness If you don’t care that’s what we’ll share tonight It’s so damn cold outside You can stay overnight Let’s talk the night away And then let come what may All you have is sweets and sadness If you don’t care that’s what we’ll share tonight You said you hated lies I said I loved your eyes Dylan taught us faith And Cohen love and hate All they have is sweets and sadness If you don’t care that’s what we’ll share tonight Look at how it snows Take off your winter clothes I’ll never do you harm But always keep you warm All we have is sweets and sadness If you don’t care that’s what we’ll share tonight
Winter Sleep 01:36
If death is only a door We strode through before Time is only a trick But I don’t get it Snowflakes and crystals In every distance Fireworks and fireflies Light up the night If love is only a game That has to be played Play it with me Until we succeed I made three courses Instead of buying you roses You make me feel Almost unreal If life is only a dream And not what it seems Do not interrupt Don’t wake me up Pass me a mic To sing lullabies Sleep in peace Sleep winter sleep
It’s getting more and more hysterical In this extraordinary world Need to go to bed No talking but voice messages No board games but obsessive apps Need to go to bed Everybody’s running out of time Trying to reach the subway line Need to go to bed And everyone seems oh so stressed Burned out, scared or so depressed Need to go to bed There’s weak light So be quiet To sleep tight And we might Sing a lousy lullaby A lousy lullaby For a warm and restful sleep tonight In this cold and peaceful wintertime
Four Seasons 02:30
Shimmer and shine Summer arrives Glitters in gold Shiver and shake Winter awakes Bitterly cold Thunder and storm Wonder where they belong Sunlight and rain Again and again Burgeon and bloom Spring’s coming soon Slowly awakes Falls down and dies So autumn-like Green colour fades


released February 25, 2022

<< Rewind Retrack Recordings (Vinyl & CD)
Stargazer Records / Broken Silence / The Orchard (digital)

produced & mixed by Gregor McEwan & Thies Neu
recorded & mastered by Thies Neu at Tonbrauerei, Berlin

supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

Artwork Design by Gregor McEwan
Logo Design by OlgaUwaga

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GREGOR McEWAN Berlin, Germany

"These are obscenely expertly performed songs, an essence. Maybe Gregor McEwan has never before presented his art with this kind of focus. These tunes are a sensation! All this adrenaline, this joy, this melancholy inundating the listener. This is what this kind of music should be about - and nothing else. Every time I listen to it I am exhausted. Thank you for that!" (Linus Volkmann) ... more


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